Army PRT
 Part I, Philosophy, covers approach, system, and leadership.
 Part II, Strategy, covers types of programs, planning considerations, and special conditioning
 Part III, Activities, covers execution of training, preparation and recovery, strength and mobility, and
endurance and mobility.
 Appendix A is the Army Physical Fitness Test.
 Appendix B discusses climbing bars.
 Appendix C discusses posture and body mechanics.
 Appendix D discusses environmental considerations.
 Appendix E discusses obstacle negotiation.

This field manual—
 Provides Soldiers and leaders with the doctrine of Army physical readiness training.
 Reflects lessons learned in battles past and present, time-tested theories, and principles and emerging
trends in physical culture.
 Helps ensure the continuity of our nation’s strength and security.
 Prepares Soldiers physically for full spectrum operations.
 Explains training requirements and objectives.
 Provides instructions, required resources, and reasons why physical fitness is a directed mandatory
training requirement as specified in AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development.
 Allows leaders to adapt physical readiness training to unit missions and individual capabilities.
 Guides leaders in the progressive conditioning of Soldier strength, endurance, and mobility.
 Provides a variety of physical readiness training activities that enhance military skills needed for
effective combat and duty performance.
New APRT Manual FM 7-22
New Army FM 7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training October 2012

The Army assesses, plans, prepares, and executes training and leader development through training
based on tasks, conditions, and standards. Knowing the task, assessing the level of proficiency against
the standard and developing a sustained or improved training plan is the essence of all Army training.
Army training overall prepares Soldiers, leaders, and units to fight in the full spectrum of operations.
Combat readiness is the Army’s primary focus as it transitions to a more agile, versatile, lethal, and
survivable force. Physical readiness training prepares Soldiers and units for the physical challenges of
fulfilling the mission in the face of a wide range of threats, in complex operational environments, and with
emerging technologies.
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