Army PRT
Frequently searched APRT Exercises  
The 60-yard progressive
shuttle run, The Rower, The standing long jump, The push-up, The 1.5-mile run
See also Changes to Army Body Fat Standards
New Army Physical Fitness Uniform
New Army Fitness Uniform
Back in February, the Army gave Soldiers a chance to
weigh in on the Improved Physical Fitness Uniform. The
Army took those Soldier suggestions and developed a
possible replacement uniform. Now Soldiers can vote
on which one of those they think looks the best.
New APFT on Hold for now
The Army will retain the current three-event Army
Physical Fitness Test, pending a study to determine the
best method to measure baseline Soldier physical
readiness. Army Training and Doctrine Command found
that implementing changes to how the Army assesses
physical fitness would be premature.
Army Physical Fitness Test will stay the same for now.
New APRT Manual FM 7-22
Army Master Fitness Trainer Course
Master Fitness Trainer Course
Fort Knox is among the first installations to host one
of the Army's mobile training teams that are teaching
the new MFTC, based on the new FM 7-22.

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